【Master of FUDOAN】
Japanese HN : FUDOAN Hekishusai
English Name : Bruce

【 About me 】
・I like animals.
・I like children.
・I like nature.
・I like visit to temples and shrines.
・I like Japanese traditional sweets.
・I like Japanese styles and SF styles.
・I like Chinese history and Chinese philosophy.
 But not present China.
・I cannot drink most of the liquor.
・I don't smoke.
・I do not have a good unpleasantness in food.
・I believe I have been studying under the excellent masters.
・I believe I have brilliant friends.
・I believe that it is ascetic practices to have a family.
・I believe that human grows up while being praised.
・A man finding strength and a woman finding beauty is my comrade.
 But only a person who is pursuing the significance of the strength and the beauty.
・I believe that the act of negation, criticism, irony, calumny and slander lose my own dignity.
・I dislike the violent brutal cold-blooded person.
・I dislike the person who cannot protect social discipline.
・I dislike the person who is irresponsible for a woman.
・I dislike the authoritarianism.
・I dislike spider.
・I do not trust the person to lend or borrow the money to randomly.
 But maybe except the person who does both!
・I like an international person but,
 I do not trust something international.
・I do not trust the person who doesn't love mother countries.
・I believe that pens are stronger than swords.
・I am having faith in FUDOMYOH.
・I believe that love and courage are consistencies.
・I believe that there is an alien.
・I believe that human will built starship in the future.

【BUGEI History】
1986 February: Enter to BUGEI (BUJINKAN)
1994 December: Received Instructor grade
2003 October: Open DOJO
2009 January: Rename to FUDOAN DOJO

Japanese Language education for foreign students
Computer maker, Trading company.
Current job is trading div. in road construction machine maker.


Reading : history, science fiction
NIKO(ER-HU, Chinese string instrument) : beginner
ZEN : training for few years
SAMURAI PARADE : few times in a year.
BUGEI : BUJINKAN instructor


There are some reasons why I named this site "FUDOAN". First,the guardian deity of the year when my birth year is "FUDO-MYOO", and "FUDO-MYOO" is enshrined in the Zen sect temple where I go for practice. In addition, this concept of FUDO is a central principle, "know the immovable mind(=FUDO-SHIN)".

The Internet development is a wonder and shows that I can have all things in nature at my fingertips today. "FUDO" (不動, immovable) is a homonym for "FUDO" (不同, not same). It is a wonderful thing that nature in its harmony can produce such variety, and humans cannot match nature's capacity for variation. I think infinite variety is hidden in infinite possibility.


About the design of the main page of this site

I always believe that all people have their own stars. The stars are surely brilliant on the sky even if you do not know it, or do not purse it. Pentagram is known in the East and the West as composed of the golden ratio and figure where the designing of five elements can be done in parallel. For example, wood, fire, soil, metal and water in China. Soil, water, fire, wind and air in my Bugei. The Pentagram(Go-Bo-Sei) of my main page is the stars that spin of the spritual awakend(Go-Bo-Sei). I believe that the people who is visiting here have the star, and it become to the signpost spinning realization for you.

DATE 2004/01
FUDOAN Hekishusai