There is the custom to give glory to an armor helmet in hope of health of the child in Japan in Children's Day of May 5. When a son was born in my house, I bought the armor helmet of the size of the original. The armor helmet of the size of the original is impressive and is recommended for a samurai fan because there is force and is possible wear actually.
Most famous and largest Samurai Armor shop in Japan. (Japanese/English)

KOZANDO makes very beautiful and gorgeous Samurai Armor. (Japanese / English)

Mr.TOKITA,Hiroshi is one of my best friend. He makes very uniqu
Japanese traditional goods including Armor.

HARUKICHI makes custom made Tessen. Their Tessen is great and beautiful.

My custom-made Tessen, made by Kyosdensu Harukichi, Written by the priest of Fudoji. 26.0cm, 310g

2011/10/09. Otaki town, Chiba pref. NEW!
2011/08/21. Iwatsuki-ward, Saitama city, Saitama pref. NEW!
2010/11/14, Gyoda city, Saitama pref.
22009/11/09, Gyoda city, Saitama pref.
2009/03/07, Itabashi ward, Tokyo

2008/11/09, Gyoda city, Saitama pref.

I played one of the famous Samurai

2008/10/04, Nagaoka city, Niigata pref.

2007/05/20, Sendai city, Miyagi pref.

It wa so nice parade.

2006/12/03, Chikusei city, Ibaragi pref.
2006/09/24, Otaki town, Chiba pref.

2006/04/08, Nagoya city, Aichi pref

The parade on the river to Nagoya casttle!

2005/12/04, Chikusei city, Ibaragi pref.

She supervised my English site. She is one of my Dojo friends.

2005/11/26, Zushi city, Kanagawa pref.

2005/11/06, Gyoda city, Saitama pref

I fought with Ninja on the brigade!

2005/04/10, Kanra town, Gunma pref.

It was so beautiful SAKURA season.

2004/11/14, Yuki city, Tochigi pref.

Festival organization gave me the my own flag!

2004/10/10, Nirasaki city, Yamanashi pref.

2004/09/26, Otaki town, Chiba pref.

First battle debut!

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